The 6 Monthers

We are Mike and Florence Lince.  We are a new breed of baby boomer expats we refer to as The 6 Monthers.  We downsized to two suitcases each in our quest to free ourselves to move around the world and live in a new country every six months.  During our six months in each country we live among the locals.  We shop where they shop and we try to eat much like they eat. We immerse ourselves in their culture and we learn as much about the local customs and history as possible. In six months you can learn a lot about a country.

We hope you will join us.

Our Mission

To live in a new country every six months.


To learn more about the people and the culture of the country in which we are living.


To share our discoveries with anyone who loves travel and learning about new places.


Our motto: "Don't make an impact, make a difference."

Florence Lince

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Where to Next?

Anything can happen when one travels all the time. We have revamped our list of countries to live in many times as we have been moving from country to country. Sometimes actually living this lifestyle opens up travel possibilities one cannot imagine until one is actually doing the living. Check back here periodically to see if we have revamped our travel list yet again. 

Tentative Country Schedule

Spain (with visit to Andorra)
United States (it came sooner than we expected)

The US and Canada during a three year exploration of both countries.

Ireland (visit to Greenland)
USA (time to rent an RV and see the US from sea to shining sea)

Canada (from Newfoundland to Whistler; also in an RV)
Alaska (The US state where Mike and I met. This time around we want to explore more of this beautiful states interior and wilderness areas.)

Portugal (with visit to Gibraltar)

Sicily (with visits to Malta, Sardinia, Corsica)

Thailand (3 months) and Japan (3 months) (with visits to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos) or (Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea)
New Zealand (with visit to Australia)

Peru (with visit to Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba)

Fiji and South Sea Islands to warm our old bones

Chile (a place to call home?)

Updated July 9, 2014
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